When you have a new extension it can be so that you wish to extend your kitchen area and include a new kitchen and dining area. Lots of people spend a lot of there time in this area with there family and friends so its important that great planning goes into the design of the kitchen area. The selection is endless and time should be taken in the planning and design of your kitchen from units, worktops from timber to granite etc, appliances and tiling, down to the positioning of all of the items so the kitchen is a pleasure to use and spend time in. When the design is being carried out great attention is paid to the electrical layout from sockets so that every item you use is where you want it to be from kettles to toasters etc. New products are all ways coming on to the market and pop up sockets are very popular now so that when they are not being used you can lower them flush into the work tops until you need them again.

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